Lucy in the garden

Simple natural gardening

'To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow' Audrey Hepburn.


I am a self employed professional Horticultural gardener working all year round,  serving the Bristol, Bath, South Gloucestershire and Somerset area's.

Hello, my name is Lucy. I hope you will find all the information you need further down on this page. Please click on the 'services' tab to see what I provide, my portfolio contains pictures of work I have completed, I don't have a smart phone yet, so  taking photographs is low on my list ! Prices are at the bottom of this home page. My website is undergoing some work at the moment. Thank you for your understanding. The website is always  evolving and being updated so feel free to come back and see how it has progressed. Please use the contact details if you wish to make an inquiry. I provide free consultations and quotes.


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About me

Hello and welcome.

I am a professional horticultural gardener, presently studying an RHS level 2 certificate in Horticulture at the University of Bristol Botanical gardens. I have 17 years of experience and cover  the  Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset and South Gloucestershire areas.


My sevices include , planting, weeding, leaf clearing, seasonal tidy ups, restoring, reinvention or redesign of beds and borders, pruning, replanting, repositioning of plants and shrubs and most horticultural jobs.

I bring  a wildlife friendly gentle and natural approach to gardening for those who need and want to look after their own garden, but cannot, or people who have recently aquired a garden and would like help  to develop and nurture it to suit their own specific needs.







Winter is here..

Now is the best time to do lots of jobs in the garden to make light the work in the spring. Winter is the best time to re jeuvinate the look of your garden. Change things around, add a new interest or feature, change the shape of the beds and swap some shrubs around.

People believe that the garden should be put to bed, and yes sometimes this is true, but while the plants and shrubs are asleep we can also make a new look for the follwing year!!

Now is the time to plant trees, put in any desired winter bedding plants, think about the edging of the lawns, tackle the compost, ha, cut back exessive summer growth, plant winter interest in  beds or pots, give a thorough weeding,  add a good mulch, tidy up, collect any cuttings and collect seeds for next year, divide large clumps of perennial plants and LOTS of other important tasks.


The garden hygine is very important.  keep on top of any deseases and pests which may have been a concern during the summer. Many jobs need doing now before the spring.




There are so many things to look forward to in the coming months (apart from the pain of arthritis), the pinching of the wind and the chill in the air. I am looking forward to the Snow drops, Crocus, Fritallria, Daffodills, Tuplips and the crisp sunny mornings after such a slpendid Summer and Autumn

Time to enjoy the delights of the early spring !!

Now is certainly a great time to plant new things for next year. There are many plants which will look good through the winter and evergreen tree's which we can plant for our featherd friends.

 The outside areas of Bristol are easily accesssed by me cycling to work. I like to cycle to jobs where possible because it has a low impact on our Environment, by not producing harmful emissions and I can bring my tools in my bike trailer. Lawn mowing is available  as I have other transport for larger tools. This not only helps our traffic problem but it keeps me fit too!

I  can change the look of your garden using simple natural methods, considering the tasks and needs of the plants and type of soil which live there.. This is not 'instant'  gardening ,  I work efficiently with the garden and horticultural knowledge to look after, preserve and create beautiful gardens.

Methods of gardening are important to me and working with the different dynamics and wildlife of a garden is so much fun. There  are many ways to garden but  with my experience and knowledge,  working with nature and using tradtional methods helps to ensure that the changes or improvements are there to last and  impact less on the environment, developing the garden for the future by looking after the nutrients and bio deversity of the land.

What do I charge?

£100 Day rate (7 hours)

£15.00 per hour.

I provide  free consultations and quotes.


Please use the contact form  on the next page to find out how to contact me.