Lucy in the Garden

Simple natural gardening


Waste is a big problem. If you are not a 'keen' gardener you may not know how much waste our gardens produce and how to deal with it. A small garden which may have become a little to much to manage could carry on with out needing much work, if you dont mind a mature garden, but then someone might say 'That needs cutting back' and then the can of worms is open.


If you do not regulary prune and cut back our green inheritance then when the time comes that you decide to, there will be a lot of work! This does not mean keeping things small, it just means managing them so your work is never too difficult and the waste is never to much to manage.


 What do we do with it all?


Well.. The general public are encouraged to compost their own garden waste and invest in a compost bin (which are really cheap),

take garden refuse to their local amenity site, pay for a 'green' bin to put their garden refuse in and there are also local community compost schemes in some area's.


But I don't have a car?


I am not licenced to remove waste. I am not a garden waste removal service. I do not remove garden waste. Any 'gardener' or waste removal team MUST hold a valid waste removal licence.


There are a lot of fraudulent traders who will dump your waste on someone elses doorstep and charge you a lot to do this.


I do not have a licence as it is still hugley expensive to pay to dipose of customers waste at an official site if you have a trade licence.


In some cases I will gladly take some waste which I can compost as I do have a composting area.


I encourage people on my first visit to get a compost bin and get a green bin if there is on going work that they would like to be done and to  take it themselves for free to their local site - or ask a friend or relative to help with this.


I hope this information is helpful.


We are all responsible for  any waste which we produce from our everyday living. We produce plastic waste from buying produce in plastic from our shops and if we garden, or dont garden, then the unwanted plants, weeds earth and branches which we would like removed are OUR responsibility.


We must ensure that waste is disposed of correctly, because out of site, out of mind is far too easy, until you go somewhere beautiful and those bandit refuse traders dump other peoples household waste where you dont wish to see it.


We need to change the way we think about waste.